Quality v Quantity

I was going to title this “Best & Worst of Internet are the Same”. In other words, the breadth/quantity of the info at our fingertips these days is amazing but sifting through it for what matters to you (quality as defined by user) can be daunting. Even with the best search tools as your guide. However, I decided that this is also true about more than just the Internet (the first search entry on quality v quantity doesn’t even mention the Internet and sex is high on the list of items discussed).

Part of what prompted my current thought on the topic is trying to keep up with the endless stream of tweets on Twitter (e.g. over 20 in the last hour from at least 13 different people/sources and I’m only “following” 88). While there are great snippets of info & links here, even some of the “thought leaders” have random musings that clutter the feed. That said, I’ll still take the quality of what’s there weighed against the downside of quantity overload. To me it’s about constantly broadening the scope of who, what, and how you’re listening/gathering information and using the continually improving search tools and your own critical thinking skills to refine and go deeper on what adds value for you.

Readers can judge the quality of this post; to stay quantity light, I will end here.

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