Purpose before Passion

May 17, 2009

Earlier posts dealt with authenticity and passion and will and passion.  Yet, probably more important than just being passionate about something is figuring out the purpose of what you are trying to accomplish.

I’ve now watched this video by Umair Haque twice because a) the power of what he’s talking about and b) because I’m not nearly as smart as him and it took awhile for some of this to sink in.  Overall, in this talk and otherwise on his blog, he  lays out “5 Paths to Behavioural Innovation” and talks about things like “thin value” v. “thick value” and building a business on ideals: not focusing on what we can do but what we should do.  Basically speaking, having a higher purpose.

I had the opportunity recently to hear Todd Sattersten, of 800-ceo-read and co-author (with Jack Covert) of “The 100 Best Business Books of All Time” , talk about the “meta-themes” that came out of their research and review in picking the “100 Best”.  They believe that the key leaders and successful organizations discussed in these 100 Best Business Books share 5 things in common.  The first of these meta-themes is “Clarity of Purpose”.

Final data point for me related to the importance of purpose came in reading Tara Hunt’s recently published book, The Whuffie Factor.  Her 9th chapter (of 10) is called “Find Your Higher Purpose” and why it’s important for building whuffie (social capital).

So, to better direct one’s passion should first come purpose.  What’s yours?


Common Sense on the Run

May 4, 2009

While there are myriad examples of common sense as a lost art these days, the current pandemic over the swine flu aka H1N1 aka Gripe Porcina makes me shake my head in wonder.  As of yesterday, the Milwaukee Health Department, was reporting 54 “Probable” cases of H1N1 influenza and 2 “confirmed” and yet 21 schools are closed until further notice.  You want more info?  Click around the site and learn about symptoms, preventive measures like covering your cough, and best of all a link to the CDC which includes links to get “buttons” for your social media websites.  Boy, I bet plastering your site with “Cover It!”, “Stay Home!”, and “Wash ‘Em!” illustrated buttons will bring loads of new clients.

If the MPS school closings keep up, I’m thinking of opening a temporary day care co-op for affected (not to be confused with infected) parents whose work places are still fully operational.  We’ll have the kids work on math word problems like the following: If there are 54 Probable cases of swine influenza, 2 confirmed cases, and 21 schools closed, how many schools will probably close?  Extra credit: How long before schools reopen?  The correct answers will determine the funding required to run the temporary day care service.