Adaptive Change

May 23, 2010

Change is hard and yet more than ever we’re surrounded by a need to change.  The vehicle(s) that got you where you are today is increasingly faced with not just a need for a tune-up or even a newer model, but often a completely new mode of transport.  That is, different ways to view, analyze, and navigate through life.

Change for change sake is generally not the answer, nor is trying to find one’s comfort zone and cruising through life on auto-pilot.  Does past history, experience, and knowledge count for anything?  Sure it does, if you don’t let it blind you to new opportunities and ways of looking at things.  Adaptive Change is the type of change and challenge to seek out as we push ourselves to continually grow, develop, and sustain our energies and passions in life.

Just as Professor Heifetz talks of the “possibility of loss . . . generating resistance” in the link above, Seth Godin repeatedly refers to the lizard brain in his new book Linchpin.  Fear, in many forms, often holds us back and yet pushing through that fear to scale new heights and try new things is what often leads us to newer and better opportunities.

While it’s been a few months since I heard this sermon, I appreciate Andrew Warner’s bringing Heifetz’ notions of adaptive versus technical change to my attention.  While it’s generally easier to follow a road map versus drawing your own, the latter can help you determine if there’s a better way.  Are you creating your own paths and ways to get where you want to go or just trying to follow the worn-out roads of those that went before?


Consumption v Creation , part 2

May 15, 2010

Purchased an iPad the other day & while on the surface it’s definitely more of a “consumption” device, I’m going to try & use it for both consumption & more “creation” especially when mobile. Like now, as I sit lingering over the end of a solo dinner out.

So, not much content to this post which is basically an experiment to see if I can use the WordPress app on iPad to quickly post a thought.

Consumption v. Creation

May 2, 2010

A couple of friends have asked in recent months, “what happened to your blog?” translated as “why no recent posts?”  No good reason, other than work & life in general have kept me busy, and I’ve come to appreciate the writer’s discipline that others have and that I, so far, do not.

I’ve read various commentary recently about whether we’re becoming more a society of consumption versus creation and innovation.  This applies at many levels, but I’ve come to think of it more in terms of consumption or creation of information.  While there are many innovators creating on multiple levels and often using many newly developed or enhanced technologies to do so, some of these same technologies are allowing for even greater consumption.  This consumption can be of more, and sometimes better, information, entertainment, enlightenment, and sometimes pure distraction and/or information overload.  The fire hose of information on the Internet, increasingly accessed via mobile devices on the fly, can both inspire and educate as well as distract and stifle original thought.

My goal in the coming months is to see if I can find the discipline to start writing more often, even if it’s only for my own reference later as to what I thought was important in 2010, and less time reading stuff that doesn’t matter.  I’m pretty sure I read and look up far more stuff than I used to, sometimes adding value and other times just stifling my own creativity and thought processes.