Ignore Everybody – Read it!

June 12, 2009

Started a new job a few weeks ago (with CourseSmart – your eTextbook source) and so the blog got pushed to the back burner.  So, did some of my reading.  One thing I do keep up with, thanks to near daily e-mail links, is Seth Godin’s blog that rarely fails to inspire.

A few days ago, Seth wrote about Hugh MacLeod’s new book “Ignore Everybody”.  I’d never heard of Hugh or his blog, but found that the occasional times that Seth plugs somebody else’s product it’s because it’s worth checking out.  So, I read the online reviews of “Ignore Everybody” & bought a copy.  If you want a free preview, go to this post by the author which nicely captures his style & summarizes the key points.  Some of the language is “R” rated but the creativity, humor, and insight is spot on in my opinion.

I’ve enjoyed reconnecting w/ old friends lately using social media tools, as well as making new connections and finding new sources of information in the world of Web 2.0.  It’s not all great or even worthwhile, but overall there are far more gems out there from multiple sources than ever before.

One of my favorite mediums (and also one that frustrates me at other times) is twitter.  To me, MacLeod’s book not only pushes you to tap your creative juices in non-conventional ways, it is like a series of thought-provoking tweets combined with his ever present business card cartoons.

Decide for yourself.  Or, ignore me and do your own thing!