Focus on What Matters

March 20, 2009

Today Eric Ries posted thoughts on building “companies that matter” on his Lessons Learned blog. This is a specific application of something I think we all need to spend more time on these days: focusing on what matters.  Ultimately we all have to determine what matters most to each of us and there are usually multiple things that matter in different facets of our lives.  However, in this world of information overload, continual mainstream media sensationalism and negativity, “transparency” that blurs the lines between personal and private, and on and on it’s easy to lose track of what matters.

If you get confused or wonder where to start, how about at the end?  That is, what do you want it to say on your gravestone?  I doubt it’s “reads and responds to lots of e-mail”, “great with Twitter”, “writes great ad pieces” . . .  My advice, first think about what you want your family and friends to say about you – would they say what you want?  Then, your co-workers and customers – would they say what you want and more importantly would the customers and co-workers agree?  If you’re getting honest yes answers to these questions, then you’re probably focused on what matters.  If not, restart, recharge, and think more about the big picture.